Day of the Dead

We are celebrating life and death this week. The mystery of it all. My thoughts were who knows if we’ll be around tomorrow? So might as well eat some cake and smile a little. We are also celebrating the ending of tukisweet and the beginning of the yoga of cake. Ya dig?

This is monumental, this is divine, and it’s going to involve lots of frosting.

Really it’s still me baking cakes, talking about life, standing on my head , loving it all up as best I can.

So Day of The Dead ! It was third Thursday on Alberta and my friend Rachael was playing music at The Guardino Gallery.

I was asked to make a cake!

I made a simple yummy chocolate cake with buttercream frosting .. I could tell who was eating my cake because their mouths were blue from the icing.

I stood around and tried not to smile, because I was supposed to be dead.

That part was really hard…

I had fun and met some other nice dead people.

 My mentality around this cake was eat it , who knows if there will be another chance? Let’s enjoy our time here, it’s precious.

Alright, BUT seriously some days?. . some days are hard. Some days you lose your job, some days you spend chasing your tail and never catching it , some days you feel more uprooted than you did before you began to root, some days are just days and you don’t have the answer to anything. So instead of indulging in this rat race and running full speed ahead, letting it crawl under the skin, tickling every single tail feather..We have the option to crawl (usually my mode because I’ve worn myself out pretty good) or walk our way back to the here and now. Simply to just being alive.


love batter

don’t think there is much more beautiful than batter, a big dreamy light chocolate mixing  bowl of it.

I was a bitch in the kitch this morning.

I thought I was just being a proactive baker, but no I was being a bitch. Randi called me out on it,  in a good way she gets me human again. I guess I was pissed I had to chop chocolate, and I was mad that I had to make my caramel sauce twice. I was taking myself very seriously, which doesn’t always go well.

Reason I was baking bright and early, was for our photoshoot today.

Have I told you about my stunning cosmic life coach?  Any changes you begin to notice on this blog is thanks to Rachael. She knows her stuff when it comes to web design, blogs, being powerful beyond measure, abundance as a a way of life,  ya know that kinda stuff.

So we had our photo shoot today it involved some yoga, lots of frosting, and an i-phone. A few minutes into it.. staring at this vestal 3-Layer Sweet & Salty Chocolate Caramel Cake, we couldn’t take it anymore, so the cake eating had to come first, everything else blog related would have to wait. The two of us sat ourselves down for some slices, topped  off with salted caramal ice cream. I really don’t think there’s anything more enjoyable.

Some girls like to shop, we like to eat cake.

Photoshoot pictures to come soon 😉


tukisweet is going through some changes, some transformations, she is growing into something dare I say bigger, yet not quite sure what that’s going to look like yet. She’s in that awkward pre-teenager phase, disproportional, moody, changing her theme and background daily. I can’t wait till she’s older and more grounded, but in the meantime thanks for putting up with her.

I saw this phrase this morning and it somehow seemed relevant to everything.. including biscuits, work, relationships, to generally making life harder than it has to be.

“I have looked down the long days of our lives together, she said & in all directions,there is no future without love.”

Really.. Eat a biscuit, squeeze each other, even when you want to run.

I like being able to wake up , want something ,and make it . There is a lot of power in that. I have a crush on biscuits , well I have a crush on a few things, but let’s stick to biscuits.

I got this recipe from Chris at the farmer’s market, she makes amazing crepes, and she knows her baked goods, it’s Betty Crocker.

One thing that helped this taste especially delicious ; Homemade  Buttermilk. I let mine sit in the fridge for a few weeks , yup tasty , all you need is 1 cup milk and 4.5 tsp vinegar put it in a jar and leave it.

Um , so biscuits… are the best and tastiest thing I can I think of this morning. I insist on butter and jam. I also insist on love, there’s just no future without it.

2 cups flours

2 tsp. sugar

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/3 cup butter

2/3 cup of buttermilk

Combine the dry. Cut in the butter. Mix together with the buttermilk ,but not too much. Transfer to the counter kneed gently. Roll it out about a 1/2 inch thick .. little less and cut into rounds. Bake at 450* for 10 minutes . Eat immediately !

A Slice of Home

Getting older is strange.

I call this cake:  Home
It is nostalgia in a bottle. It tastes like childhood (something about Fall I’m just all about it) the most direct route back for me;  the senses…  1. smell  2. taste… more cake

My mom and Randi had a little cake party for me turning 26. I made the cake. Caramel Cake. I mastered the homemade carmel, which made me happy. I have tried numerous times and failed but yesterday I got it right.

I made myself a birthday cake to take myself back. It got me to thinking about halloween decorating. When I was a kid, I’d go to visit my dad we would spend theentire weekend making decorations to strew on his lawn, and hang from the trees in front of his big house. I would stuff pillowcases to make hanging ghosts and draw faces on them with magic markers. . . carve faces on pumpkins. In some warped connected way, I bit into that cake and tasted that. What life tasted like then, and still can if I let it. Thing is, I forget a lot.  At least If I forget, the cake doesn’t.


I needed to see this today.

Maybe we all need to see this, just to be reminded.

I was especially hungry last night.

It’s been very hot here, so during the day it’s kinda too hot to eat anything but watermelon.

Randi made me dinner and it was yummy and then she went off to the movies…

And I wanted cake.

There is this cake I’ve been meaning to make for you. It’s layers of colorfulness.This is not it. This is simply the cake that I wanted to eat not the cake I wanted to look at.

I baked solo tonight, and listened to jazz and used every bowl we own.

The cake is I think appropriately entitled ; HummingBIRD Cake.

( I hear people in Portland have a thing for birds.)

This is Jonathan, he’s our pet bird.

I made the neighbor boys eat my last cake , I cut them giant slices that  they couldn’t finish. I will have to find some new birds to eat this cake.

That is after I have my slice of bliss.

Since we are worth it.