30 things I LOVE at this moment..

1.Green grapes. 2. New pajamas.  3. The mention of spring. 4. Creative endeavors big ones,small ones, leaps of faith into the unknown. 5. Confidence in these endeavors. 6. His smile. 7. Feeling lovable  . 8. Looking back at my life 1 yr/2yrs/3/yrs. ago and seeing I was exactly where I was supposed to be then which must mean that’s the case now. 9. Now. 10. My trip to Hawaii in a few weeks. 11. Having regulars- feeling regular- loving regularity for the first time ever. 12. Ilana and her babies. 13. Chekhov and his plays. 14. My hurum juicer and the delicious mornings we spend together. 15. My mother and our hikes. 16. Ordering only popcorn at upscale fancy restaurants. 17. This house and how it feels like my grandmother grayed haired, calm, quiet who has helped nurse me back to myself. 18.  Mondays with Jonathan. 19. Dreams that tell me what I need to see. 20. Flesh. 21. My brother and his newfound love for yoga. 22. My father and his pony tail. 23. Afternoons spent coming up with ideas for what you can put on a salad. 24. Standing on both feet instead of just one- the feeling of not looking- instead trusting in eventually finding. 25. Sitting in the sun on the porch. 26. Women who do the impossible. 27. The woods and how they are always there. 28. Pineapples. 29. Meeting people who want to work on projects with me. 30. Purpose. Patience. .