I needed to see this today.

Maybe we all need to see this, just to be reminded.

I was especially hungry last night.

It’s been very hot here, so during the day it’s kinda too hot to eat anything but watermelon.

Randi made me dinner and it was yummy and then she went off to the movies…

And I wanted cake.

There is this cake I’ve been meaning to make for you. It’s layers of colorfulness.This is not it. This is simply the cake that I wanted to eat not the cake I wanted to look at.

I baked solo tonight, and listened to jazz and used every bowl we own.

The cake is I think appropriately entitled ; HummingBIRD Cake.

( I hear people in Portland have a thing for birds.)

This is Jonathan, he’s our pet bird.

I made the neighbor boys eat my last cake , I cut them giant slices that  they couldn’t finish. I will have to find some new birds to eat this cake.

That is after I have my slice of bliss.

Since we are worth it.


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