Rainbows and Cake

Hmm.. how do I put this ? I have decided there is nothing cute about cake. I take cake seriously, and there is no greater disappointment than a beautiful cake that tastes like crap. Don’t get me wrong if you can master both taste and look, you are a Cake God. But taste must come first. I believe in starting from the inside out.  Take those fancy wedding cakes or birthday cakes for example. Yea they look amazing, but what do they taste like? Whipped butter on a sponge, right?

So I was seduced by looks.

A lesson to learn , looks don’t get you very far. They certainly don’t fill you up late at night (like a cake that tastes good would.) Yes, they are fun to look at. And yes, this cake is especially fun to look at, and mush around with your fork , but it’s embarresment to foodies.

I mean it works if you don’t want to eat it. But I wanted to eat it … and instead had to curb my sweet tooth with overpriced frozen yogurt. I don’t want to waste this cake, but I also feel kinda bad giving it away to people I like. Therefore it’s on the ‘free list’ on craigslist, no joke. It’s there if you want it.

I made this cake because of a picture I saw, and had to make it. My version came out special. Not as perfect as the picture online, but I’m accepting that about my cakes, they are not always perfect. I actually am believing the less perfect they are, the better they actually taste. That may or may not be true, depending on the cake.

I burned the purple layer, being chatty Kathy and not setting a timer! Baking 101 Sam seriously! But to compensate, we decided to made the frosting purple instead, and ta-da it was once a again a rainbow cake.

The real problem with this cake is the frosting , It’s just gross! 4 sticks of butter and 9 egg whites? never again.

I would try it again with a simple whipped cream frosting or even marshmallow. The cake itself is okay but the layers are very thin so baking time really needs to be spot on. And you have to whip the frosting for a LONG time Randi fell asleep for part of it…

So lessons learned 1. Don’t judge a cake by it’s photo 2. It’s time time to get a grown up electric mixer.