Red Velvet Cake

OK so I had a bad morning. I needed some yoga. I got up rode my bike to class. And was insulted, by a  mean yoga instructor.  Seriously, one should not be insulted ever, but especially by a yoga instructor! I walked out of her class , and pedeled home pissed ..

Steps I took. .

Decompressed myself . Talked it out. Made a cake.

Also just want to say, there is a reason behind all this wacky cake making. We are working on it , I have little fairies working all over on these things. It’s all very exciting.

Anyway. Back to cake, today’s challenge was to make Red Velvet Cake without red food coloring, this is a big fuss in the foodie world because red velvet cake is ‘ the thing i hear.

Any who. I made it with beet juice , didn’t really work in making it red.

But it still tasted like fluffy clouds of yumminess.

The frosting (much classier or course) does resemble that tasty childhood treat known as ‘ fluff’ yes . yumminess.

Do you ever have midday cake with your best friend ?

If not I highly reccomend making that happen sometime real soon. I really am starting to believe that’s what we are here for.