A Slice of Home

Getting older is strange.

I call this cake:  Home
It is nostalgia in a bottle. It tastes like childhood (something about Fall I’m just all about it) the most direct route back for me;  the senses…  1. smell  2. taste… more cake

My mom and Randi had a little cake party for me turning 26. I made the cake. Caramel Cake. I mastered the homemade carmel, which made me happy. I have tried numerous times and failed but yesterday I got it right.

I made myself a birthday cake to take myself back. It got me to thinking about halloween decorating. When I was a kid, I’d go to visit my dad we would spend theentire weekend making decorations to strew on his lawn, and hang from the trees in front of his big house. I would stuff pillowcases to make hanging ghosts and draw faces on them with magic markers. . . carve faces on pumpkins. In some warped connected way, I bit into that cake and tasted that. What life tasted like then, and still can if I let it. Thing is, I forget a lot.  At least If I forget, the cake doesn’t.



I needed to see this today.

Maybe we all need to see this, just to be reminded.

I was especially hungry last night.

It’s been very hot here, so during the day it’s kinda too hot to eat anything but watermelon.

Randi made me dinner and it was yummy and then she went off to the movies…

And I wanted cake.

There is this cake I’ve been meaning to make for you. It’s layers of colorfulness.This is not it. This is simply the cake that I wanted to eat not the cake I wanted to look at.

I baked solo tonight, and listened to jazz and used every bowl we own.

The cake is I think appropriately entitled ; HummingBIRD Cake.

( I hear people in Portland have a thing for birds.)

This is Jonathan, he’s our pet bird.

I made the neighbor boys eat my last cake , I cut them giant slices that  they couldn’t finish. I will have to find some new birds to eat this cake.

That is after I have my slice of bliss.

Since we are worth it.


So I entered a Pie Baking Contest. My first contest..

Okay, so the first pie I’ve ever really baked..

I’m not really a pie person..

I decided on a Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie.

But, I needed a kitchen . I called my friend Vicky  in Lenox. She has a lovely kitchen with everything I knew I’d need. She was away in Jersey but said “Just go in, and bake , no problem!” She gave me the security code and I crashed her kitchen. My mother met me there. We were planning a mother/daughter pie duo. cute. right?

Almost as cute as this girl voting for my pie.

We baked our butts off , is that even possible with pie?

Pies require patience and precision especially when being voted on.

These are not necessarily the first assets my mother and I would possess in  a room together. But that day, we gathered our energy , and we possessed it !

We left the pie overnight in the fridge with a big DO NOT EAT sign, and returned the next day to top it off with whipped cream… yum

The contest took place in Great Barrington and was a hit!

There were some beautiful pies. Like these..

the one on the left with the berry rings – won!

Here’s my mama voting…

We did not win , but our pie did get devoured, and we met some amazing bakers.

                         the start 
t                                         the end