love batter

don’t think there is much more beautiful than batter, a big dreamy light chocolate mixing  bowl of it.

I was a bitch in the kitch this morning.

I thought I was just being a proactive baker, but no I was being a bitch. Randi called me out on it,  in a good way she gets me human again. I guess I was pissed I had to chop chocolate, and I was mad that I had to make my caramel sauce twice. I was taking myself very seriously, which doesn’t always go well.

Reason I was baking bright and early, was for our photoshoot today.

Have I told you about my stunning cosmic life coach?  Any changes you begin to notice on this blog is thanks to Rachael. She knows her stuff when it comes to web design, blogs, being powerful beyond measure, abundance as a a way of life,  ya know that kinda stuff.

So we had our photo shoot today it involved some yoga, lots of frosting, and an i-phone. A few minutes into it.. staring at this vestal 3-Layer Sweet & Salty Chocolate Caramel Cake, we couldn’t take it anymore, so the cake eating had to come first, everything else blog related would have to wait. The two of us sat ourselves down for some slices, topped  off with salted caramal ice cream. I really don’t think there’s anything more enjoyable.

Some girls like to shop, we like to eat cake.

Photoshoot pictures to come soon 😉


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