these things are certain

I used to do this alot, ask myself what I knew for certain.. Usually a few things when I was completely uncertain about everything else.

1. I did the right thing, although the right thing doesn’t always feel right (or let’s say feel good.) The winter kicked my ass to kingdom come and back but it’s right, here is right.

2. I love outdoors, I need to be outdoors, dirty, wet grass, wind, water, trees. Yes, I am home here. 

3. This job I love I don’t even think I’m “working.” I work with people outdoors as we connect and discover what it is they are longing for and I encourage them to connect to themselves over and over and over and in doing so I do the same.

4. I am on retreat, all is small, all is quiet, it’s not going to be this way forever but it’s how it needs to be right now.

5. Nothing, absolutely nothing is what you think it is going to be. 

6. My dog has taught me more about love than anything I have ever had with another human being, so far. 

7.  A long walk fixes mostly anything.

8. I’m creating something as I follow the breadcrumbs step by step, it’s coming slow and with patience and it may not be grandiose or spectacular but it will still be- and it will be mine. 

9. When I deny me, who I really am, what I feel, dream, love it eats away at my insides and if I don’t catch it, it will destroy me but if I catch it it will save me.