tired yogini

I’ve been a bad baker.. not like I messed up a cake..  I just haven’t been baking. I’ve been doing yoga, lots of it, entire days of it… yea it’s been a long week .. But I completed a training at a studio here in Portland ! I’m tired  last night was my first night to rest and the recycling guy came at 5:30 this morning dropping bottles on my head.I’m almost  that close to the garbage cans.. yea, I love how green we are , but can it wait just wait till 8AM ?

I wanted to blog, but I felt a little guilty without any goods to show you. Especially with all this holiday cheer.  So , instead I’m going to give you a tiny preview of what’s to come. I’m on it.. for reals.

One of my favorite questions to ask people is ; If it was your last supper ( yes, your very last meal on the planet earth) What would you eat? Seriously I get so excited to hear peoples responses! Tell me yours ..

Okay, MINE : Thanksgiving Supper the whole 9-yards , all of it including the canned cranberry sauce, not whole berried, the jelly! Which I bring myself because it never makes it to the table otherwise. Including desserts, plural, pumpkin pie  and some form of pecan something..

Not to be morbid , I don’t plan on this being my last supper. I’m just a little excited. So in my abode my two housemates are doing the food, and I’m baking .. Shocker.

I was thinking of doing three desserts , but I think I’m going to stick to two, because there’s vanilla ice cream and seriously this cake is intense. 1. Good Ol’ Fashion Pumpkin Pie 2. Butterscotch Pecan Cake- 3 layers…

So that’s the dilly-o . Isn’t this table pretty ;







Oh and I’m making this one non- dessert ..

As for Thanksgiving this is about abundance and gratitude.. Yea we got.

Lucky we are.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat good . Love More.