practice is sweet

Mmmm…. yoga.

I am missing my yoga studio in Portland. I am missing it big time my studio became my other home. Now back in the Berkshires I find myself bouncing around trying on new spots looking for my new home and some days simply enjoying the living room floor.

I am looking for my home here and it will take some time to find my niche but it will happen. Meanwhile truth is all I need is 1. myself 2. my mat  3. the willingness to show up on it.

The thing is yoga used to be for me something I could do like going for a hike or a run or a swim. But this has changed it is now something I have to do– to stay sane, to stay open and (this may seem dramatic)  but I do it to stay alive. You see yoga tells me what’s going on in my life- without the distraction of the world around me without the voices, it simply speaks the truth. So whatever it is that is going on- I can put the world on mute and tune into me.

I am going through a big transition and up against some changes in myself so I am taking it to the mat even more. I feel that it’s all I can do- when I don’t know what to do. So when I have a crying meltdown in the auto parts store (that has nothing to do with auto parts) or when I can’t sleep at night or when I talk to Verizon for two hours and they still don’t know what the problem is or when the people I love don’t act the way I want them to- I can let it go and not become a slave to each and every circumstance.

We all have these things we have to do and sometimes we forget they are not chores or obligations but they are there to provide a refuge amongst this storm we call life and in doing them life gets a little better.