Cake and yoga go hand in hand for me, I started practicing yoga to get in touch with myself, I started baking cakes to not to take myself so seriously. I realized in the scheme of it all, I needed both.

I believe in cake.

I am an amateur baker, yoga instructor, actor and writer living in The Berkshires, MA. I believe in baked goods. An oxymoron searching for more moments of balance. I believe in the frivolous. I believe in the divine being united, wholesome and alive.
This blog is my desire to be more truthful in a wild world of flaws and lesson learning. I write to get closer to the truth. I bake to get closer to the sweetness. Together living on the edge of the ebbs and flows of day to day being, through the yoga of cake.

There’s something stunning and honest about things that are baked… Baking is dignified and elegant, it claims its space and in no way feels ashamed about it. It takes time and patience to get right. It is layered and precise and knows what it needs. I aspire towards being more like that.

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