Day of the Dead

We are celebrating life and death this week. The mystery of it all. My thoughts were who knows if we’ll be around tomorrow? So might as well eat some cake and smile a little. We are also celebrating the ending of tukisweet and the beginning of the yoga of cake. Ya dig?

This is monumental, this is divine, and it’s going to involve lots of frosting.

Really it’s still me baking cakes, talking about life, standing on my head , loving it all up as best I can.

So Day of The Dead ! It was third Thursday on Alberta and my friend Rachael was playing music at The Guardino Gallery.

I was asked to make a cake!

I made a simple yummy chocolate cake with buttercream frosting .. I could tell who was eating my cake because their mouths were blue from the icing.

I stood around and tried not to smile, because I was supposed to be dead.

That part was really hard…

I had fun and met some other nice dead people.

 My mentality around this cake was eat it , who knows if there will be another chance? Let’s enjoy our time here, it’s precious.

Alright, BUT seriously some days?. . some days are hard. Some days you lose your job, some days you spend chasing your tail and never catching it , some days you feel more uprooted than you did before you began to root, some days are just days and you don’t have the answer to anything. So instead of indulging in this rat race and running full speed ahead, letting it crawl under the skin, tickling every single tail feather..We have the option to crawl (usually my mode because I’ve worn myself out pretty good) or walk our way back to the here and now. Simply to just being alive.


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