Flying isn’t just for dreaming

I think my yoga practice has done me a disservice in an area of of life. I don’t blame yoga, I blame the somewhat icky pursuit of balance. Different extremes perhaps being safely over explored in my yoga practice. Ok wtf am I talking about–right? I am talking about- not taking action. Yoga started out for me from a place of non-action, awaiting, meditating and grounding my oh so restless soul in a consistent practice, (or at least trying to.) We all are in need something at different times whether it’s a hug, money, home, community, health, sleep, food, god, laughter, space, closeness. So as  free bird, I came into yoga having worn my wings out. I came into yoga to chill the f*out and find space between my thoughts. On my mat, I found that- now I’m pretty chill, and grateful- and it’s time to test my wings again, safely. So I’ve decided to jot down what I would do, if I could do anything. If I could fly. What I came up with was this: 

Eat when I’m hungry. Move when I’m restless. Sleep when I’m tired. Travel when I want to see. Help where I’m needed. Cry when I’m sad. Laugh when it’s funny. Talk when I need to be heard. Listen when I need to hear. Go where I need to go. Trust money/ support will be there. Take care of myself. Take care of others. Feel healthy. Feel nourished. Feel warm. Feel rested. Feel peaceful. Love wholeheartidly. Be open to connection. Be kind. Trust my gifts are enough. Trust my intuition moment to moment as a guide leading me. Be present. Pursue that which I deeply want, deeply love, and deeply am invested in-  meanwhile releasing all the rest.

Sweetly, lovingly, patiently reminding myself over and over this is the unfolding of a life. 

Oh so I made some cookies, they are simple and yummier than regular chocolate chip cookies, gluten free so go ahead have one, hey have three with a glass of almond milk. I don’t have photos because my phone won’t upload them. But you can use your imagination. 


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