Staples- muffin tins and sunshine


I am starting up this blog again.

It’s been several years coming but I am in love with baking again. I’m in the process of shedding and reexamining much of my present life. I have been gifted time to look closely at what’s important, and what perhaps I have been holding onto that isn’t so important. I took a month (an entire month) to visit a dear friend and quiet myself long enough to see what I need to see. Not to mention some downtime to laugh, dream and cook food.

 In one sense, I am overwelmed with what an opportunity this is, not only am I free from the distractions of bills, work and obligations. I am being taken care of and nurtured by community, sunshine, food, and deep rest. It’s amazing what something like freedom and space can do to a person– mostly I am slung shot back and forth between bliss and fear. With space comes more space, and with more space comes hearing and seeing the things I’ll say I don’t see and hear when I am so dam busy!

So I have a can of pumpkin and a muffin tin. This kitchen I’ve been cooking and baking in is well equipped and just lovely, but the muffin tin– is my staple this month. I’ve made two different types of muffins so far; blueberry almond flour and pumpkin chocolate chip coconut flour. Today we are moving into a whole new realm; vegan pumpkin cheesecake muffin bites.  I will tell you a  secret; I love that I am discovering a healthy, wholesome way to bake. I’ll tell you another secret, these aren’t actually baked, they are formed in the freezer. Enough said, go forth and lean into this day, nourish yourself with that which feeds your soul and body, and don’t forget to say thank you.


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