Life is good

It’s summer and it’s hot. It’s heaven here actually. Something strange though about the heat, I am not very  hungry. I can live on watermelons, lots of them. Which is odd because I am not normally not hungry. I experience hunger very well.

So I was inspired today to make nachos, alas but the heat! I thought more along the lines of kale and fresh corn. The thing is kale and corn will not sustain me through hip-hop boot camp later.

So this is what I did. I tossed a delicious salad; kale, spinach, fresh corn, green beans, carrots, and cilantro. Then in the oven I baked some chips, with cheddar, and baked beans and wala ! Nacho salad.

Okay so there is more to this. . I tend to think in blacks and whites like you have to have either health; salad. or splurge; nachos. I am seeing it’s nicer to mix things up, not have to jump from highs to lows. Like it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it can be more tranquil possibly? So I am practicing this behavior with nachos and salad. Mixing things up, I’m enjoying the beauties summer has to offer without having to abandon work. It is this idea that everything doesn’t have to be so strenuous and most importantly it is enough to simply live in the middle of these things.

Breath, relax and let go. love you.


2 responses

  1. I have been watermelon obsessed too…I never don’t have it in my fridge. Make ice cubes out of it. Eat it plain from a bowl. This is my first time being a watermelon person. I used to think it just wasn’t worth the trouble: the rind, all that juice, the sticky… who needs it? But now…

    “It is this idea that everything doesn’t have to be so strenuous”… yes, it *is* this idea. We can make things: dishes, diet, taking a walk, writing a blog post, writing a book even, much harder than it needs to be. It must literally drain us of energy cells…like we smush them dead with how hard we bear down.

    It’s possible, I’ve discovered (tho rarely remember), that it’s possible to do things, even be in a hurry, and also be relaxed… so many things are possible that I didn’t know were possible. I’m so glad.

  2. I love this! It’s interesting how quickly we forget the importance of balance in all things! Hmmmm and nacho salad sounds delicious… i’m gonna have to try that! See ya around the studio love! 🙂

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