30 things I love right now.

1. The 9 month old I spend 3 days a week with who examines everything in love. 2. movement. 3. green bodum french press. 4. yoga beast- the blog. hilarious. 5. my saturday sisters. 6. dessert for dinner. 7. the return of kitchen crashing and cake baking. 8. my new sanctuary. 9. yellow walls in grey cities. 10. biscuits with eggs cheddar and jam. 11. human-ness getting bigger. 12. slow. yoga. 13. frozen pjs burritos. 14. peonies smelling like heaven. 15. the leaf. the prius. gas efficiency brilliance. 16. Philip Philips! 17. vit. D-3  in any form. 18. spring getting rids. 19. my own bathroom. not sharing. 20. dog dreams. 21. baby dreams. 22. decaf cafe au laits. 23. watermelons. 24. their abundance as inspiration. 25. inner voice- deeeeeep listening under difficult circumstances. 26. pnw kindness in new seasons but really everywhere here. 27. lush green garden houses. 28. responding instead of reacting. 29. hawaii as a music genre. 30. worry? why? what’s next? don’t tell me.. I want to be surprised.

Inspired by the savvy TJ @


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