I have more excuses for my lack in the artsy dept.

I’m busy with a baby (not mine don’t worry.) Yogic breathing and sequences. Plus I’m unhappy with the state of the kitchen in which I currently reside. My butt is bigger than it was last summer and I read somewhere cake won’t help that. So that’s my excuse for not baking.

A truth is; I do not have that need so much to bake. There was a period of time that I had to. I think mostly because I was really hungry. I am not as hungry anymore; I tend to feed myself better. I still crave/love/indulge/believe in cake. I read this quote once that said nothing feels better than skinny and I sort of agree but I also think that nothing feels worse than hunger. Ah! to be women in this day and age with a body! Learning to love it no matter what. There’s a lifetime project..

Back to the baby. The one who chews everything and anything. He prefers pens and remote controls to expensive toys. He sobs one minute and laughs hysterically the next. We go for really long walks with our leg warmers on.

It’s a hard knock life eating watermelon frozen yogurt and taking strolls through the city of hipsters. We fit right in here chewing on our spoons. When we feel sad we tickle each other until the sadness passes and it always passes.


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