Angels come in strange forms.

But I know they are angels because they come out from the cracks in the earth or through the air and pop into my bubble to rescue me or really just to wake me up.

One has a Russian accent and fixes cars out of his garage while his 4 screaming children scarf down pizza . He just smiles and patiently repeats car lingo to me that I try to understand.

One is a a temporary co-worker who I feel I have known my whole life, reminding me of the friendship I somehow forgot I needed out here.

And of course, there the two hippie angels from my Eastern soils who put the ripe bananas aside for me and ask me how my day was.

And there’s the angel who works at Sears. He attends church each Sunday and besides those hours he always picks up his phone. His mother raised him well and it’s somehow just in his bones to be a good guy.

There’s the one who fixed my broken wiper in the rain and the one who I helped carry cupcakes to his car. These angels are everywhere, they are all around us just let them get you.  It’s worth taking flight.

I think they drop in our little lives to wake us up just at the right times. Just to say — Hey you ! You don’t know everything. I love you. Let me help you. Help me. Wake up! I’m here. Just look up.

I made an Angel Food Cake to share with all them, including you. Enjoy.


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