Superpowers & Confetti

I struggle with moments.

I’m really bad at small talk.

I sometimes think I don’t have to abide by the rules everyone else does.

I tend to live in the gray, leaning towards a purple-ish gray.

Sometimes it’s best for me to live on the earth not in the ether where I prefer to be. I do fall for magic more often than the average Joe. I doubt I’ll ever stop, I certainly hope I don’t. I never know really how I am taken care of but I trust even if I’m not feeling it.

When I’m in the moments I tend to want the ones that have passed or I plan the ones to come. I live some days in a state of nostalgia that I can’t seem to shake fondly re-watching snap shots of an old life. Otherwise I’m hooked into this feeling that I’m waiting for my life to begin. I have this tendency to run from the moments or hang out too long in them. I fear letting them be perfect, which I hear they are. Always.

Presence. It’s actually our greatest superpower, the ability to be fully awake right now.

You know those perfect moments where everything is okay and sound and still but still moving? I want to be  living a life of those moments I do not expect them all at once. I need more practice I’m all about preparing right now. I’d just like  to know I am eventually working towards them being steadier. For now it just takes being here in today.

Simple, right?

Right… Meanwhile have some cake, it’s fun. That’s all I have to say about it.


2 responses

  1. I like to try and translate my nostalgia as an appreciation for being alive, for having lived, for being here, for having cells, for traveling through the ether and being gifted and lovingly cursed with my particular personality.

    Then I like to try and forget I am gluten sensitive and eat a cake that looks like that! I have such a weakness for sprinkles… they make me *nostalgic* for those pink-frosted animal cookies my mother would never allow us (we were poor…so pink sprinkled cookies didn’t make the cut). Now I get sprinkles whenever I have the opportunity… to show my appreciation.

    Great to read your writing!

    • I don’t think I told you ! I am working at a gluten-free bakery and we have cupcakes with confetti on them. I wish I could send you one air mail right now. Or better yet bring one over to your front door and have a writing date with you~ Here I got getting all nostalgic ..It’s not things being over and never again I like what you said; it’s a reminder of how much life we really have.

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