Self Talk

I spoke to a friend last night. . I listened as she told me the things she tells herself. She’s applying for this job she really wants. She tells herself she doesn’t deserve it; she doesn’t have the skill, ECT.

Now this is a beautiful, witty, sassy, smart gal… I’m standing there listening to her give me her self talk- that abuse we give to ourselves. It is abuse; if anyone else spoke to us that way we’d be out the door. I noticed myself saying back to her that this talk was unacceptable. This was not okay; that we can no longer accept this as proper behavior. We must hear ourselves when we begin to speak this way, and we must talk back saying this is not an option; this will no longer be tolerated. I said this to her, to us, but especially to me.

Now I want to say it so loudly and so clearly that it scares the shit of me. That I hear it loud enough to make my ears ring, and once they stop ringing, I shout it out again.

We are capable of all of it; we are powerful beyond the measuring tools our parents gave us to play with as kids. We are Kings and Queens of kindness and love.  We must claim our seats and space here, while scattering all the love we can muster into every corner of our little nitche and then beyond. Touching other spaces and people and altering the way they see their own plots.

I decided a good place to start preaching from would be in the future…. In a letter of advice from a women I look up to, and who’s advice I can trust.

ME (. . .at 85 years old )

My Dear-

You are doing better than you think you are. I know you are in a rush to get somewhere, but enjoy this, you are safe now you can  live this .

Love more. I know you think you love a lot; you do, but there’s always more.

Give it up; those things you think you can’t let go of. Give them up too.

Stop saying you can’t stop thinking you can’t. Stop it. Do it. Live this day. It’s not going to last forever.

Love your body, your butt especially (because you hate it). . It’s a family heirloom, it’s not going anywhere.

Do what you love. Do all of it! Dabble and dance in it all, don’t turn on yourself. You will create things. I’ve seen them.

Take it easy. Drive slower. Sip your coffee. Chew your food. Hug people. Listen more. Breath. Be patient with your learning.

Say yes. Just say yes.

Trust me, it’s all unfolding.


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