The Happier Minute

If you’re on a New York minute (which  I’m used to living my time on) this bread is for you.

If you’re on a West Coast minute (which I’d say the conversion to be about 1 to 8.)  I’m saying this with a lot of love, but you West- Coasters move a lot slower. That being said, this bread can totally be for you too.

It literally takes 4 minutes to make. That would take 32 West Coast minutes..

My conversation may be exaggerated a bit.

I think about NYC and my 3 + spread out years there, man things move  so fast there. But here, the bank tellers ask you your plans for the weekend and wait to hear about it, and the ice cream shops gladly let you try every flavor despite the line out the door. People here are in no rush. But when I’m not annoyed out of my mind over it. I recognize its beauty. I’m noticing there is a correlation between slowing down and people seeming happier. Something about looking each other in the face and asking questions, I mean it’s pedestrian, it’s humbling, and actually it’s really sweet. But most of all no matter what craziness is going on in my world, just slowing down, breathing, and smiling makes me happier.

As for this Pumpkin Bread it’s just easy … I mean It’s so quick I can’t consider it baking . . I consider it stirring.

I like this bread because it always comes out super moist, almost gooey.

My secret ; I don’t use butter. Nope! Instead I use either vegetable oil or peanut oil, also no eggs, it’s vegan.

I’m obviously not vegan. I go through eggs and butter like it’s my job, but this works.

In the meantime don’t let the love die & have yourself a West Coast minute.


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