BUTT(erscotch) cake

I live in the rainforest, it’s much more romantic to say I live in the rainforest than a place that just rains all day, everyday. . I didn’t care yesterday, I got to eat my favorite meal and watch Christmas movies. I love that most about the holidays, the unwritten rule that you don’t have do anything … there’s really nothing going on to do, so it certainly makes it easy. For a day there’s not that looming voice telling us there’s something we should be doing. Just being, what a concept.

This was a quiet Thanksgiving  spent with Rachael & Dan, who are staying here for a few months, it was perfectly delightful. Rachael woke up at 8 to start the bird and we sat down to eat at 1… cake by 3… in bed by 8. Just living up the simple life.

A secret (shall I use the word) domesticated part of me has wanted that at times, to be living that sweet simple life. I certainly seem to get closer to it. But I’m also a hummingbird, and hummingbirds don’t stay still for very long. I’ll save that for a later blog entry.

Sometimes I get cocky with cake, and it’s only because I share enough failures with you to not be truly cocky. I only tell you because I want you taste it, because I know you would love it. You’d end up with frosting all on your face, and I could laugh at you.

Seriously I had issues with this cake. You know how I talk about my search for balance? Well I call it a search because I haven’t figured it out yet.  My behavior towards this cake was a little embarrassing; I could not stop eating it. . It was dangerously divine; let’s just say it made me join 24-hour fitness this morning.

Ya know the truth is … I’m not going to give it up, not yet because this sparkle in me knows we can have both, we can have cake and the serenity. We can have cake and the healthy bodies. We can have cake without shame.  I’m on the search to find out how; I have a feeling it has to do something with wholeness and self-love no matter what. But we’ll see… Love you.

Photos by : http://rachaelrice.com/


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