As good as it gets

I love that movie. . As Good As It Gets. I need to rent it and watch it again,  Jack Nicholson is such a doofass and redeems himself over and over. My favorite part is when they walk hand in hand to the bakery super early in the morning. it’s so romantic, it’s so ugh. good…

I have been wondering about this stuff, missing things I’ve lost. Life is funny. Letting go, holding on, moving forward, going back. I’d think if life was pretty, like those perfect cupcake stores on every block that I hate, we would move in this linear line forward. Right? Like every day getting better looking , richer, smarter . . But that is just not the case ! The second I think I know , I have no idea. Maybe this is as good as it gets, or maybe all of that was as good as it got, and maybe it all isn’t actually that bad.

Okay .. so cake talk, I made a healthy one, I know this is strange. . Hold your horses.. But being me I decided since it was healthy, and since I wanted it to look like the inspiring blog I found it on .  . I would make it two layers . It turned out to be way too much cake. This was a hearty cake as just one layer. The frosting was interesting and again so healthy so healthy it made me want to meditate after I ate it..  Crazy I know.

So the frosting was a blend of cashews , dates, honey and vanilla beans.. Vanilla beans are beautiful and I reccomend them over vanilla extract any day. Pricey little buggers, but so flavorful. I topped this cake with sliced figs, pretty .

We actually had whole feast with this cake.. My friend Kevin and Randi cooked. .


4 responses

  1. I love your background pictures of that luscious chocolate frosting…yummy!
    I am totally on the same page…letting go, holding on, moving forward, going back…I think that is life, always, all the time and that is good…it’s just my fear that keeps me from reveling in the good that I’m getting. Oh, and I LOVE cake, baking and eating it!!! Just made a gingerbread cake for my daughter this weekend…it was yummy. I don’t know if it was as healthy as yours here, though.

    • Susan ! Yes Fear is crippling and funny thing about fear is if I can face it and step back and look at and not take it so seriously , it loses it’s power.. I enjoy your blog and your art looks beautiful. ALSO most of my cakes are not healthy . . I like sugar and flour . . and frosting with butter 😉

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