I drove around this wild country looking for my new home.

Looking for a place to ‘hang my hat’ as they say. A place that I could call mine with an address where you can send me mail. A little spot where I could watch things grow, and eat my meals, and keep my things in drawers. I searched high and low, from the  peaks of Colorado to the Promenade in Santa Monica. Up the Coast though small beach towns … Up more mountains, to a Big Lake, through Northern Cali…. landing myself in Portland, Oregon.

I do not know what made me choose this place.

There is no beach.

It rains a lot.

Boys drink a lot of beer.

The economy is bad . (Don’t tell my dad that)

But, if this city could speak, and I’m sure it can, it say’s to me;

“ you will be okay here.”

I guess I am just looking for a place to be okay in . .

So I am going to start at the end.

I woke up in my new princess bed , yes I bought a princess bed, ladies will know what that looks like, men you will just have to imagine. After sleeping on the floor for two nights. Ikea came to my rescue and delivered me a BED. I woke up smiling simply to be sleeping on a mattress. I rolled over and felt the crash, this pounding headache.

The.. “You ate two pieces of chocolate cake for dinner” headache.

Yea, I did , and yes, it was worth it.


I baked in my own kitchen. Not someone else’s. MINE. all mine. I made you the messiest, sweetest and saltiest cake known to man … I listened to music loud, and spilled all over the counters and floor, because it was in my kitchen.


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