So I entered a Pie Baking Contest. My first contest..

Okay, so the first pie I’ve ever really baked..

I’m not really a pie person..

I decided on a Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie.

But, I needed a kitchen . I called my friend Vicky  in Lenox. She has a lovely kitchen with everything I knew I’d need. She was away in Jersey but said “Just go in, and bake , no problem!” She gave me the security code and I crashed her kitchen. My mother met me there. We were planning a mother/daughter pie duo. cute. right?

Almost as cute as this girl voting for my pie.

We baked our butts off , is that even possible with pie?

Pies require patience and precision especially when being voted on.

These are not necessarily the first assets my mother and I would possess in  a room together. But that day, we gathered our energy , and we possessed it !

We left the pie overnight in the fridge with a big DO NOT EAT sign, and returned the next day to top it off with whipped cream… yum

The contest took place in Great Barrington and was a hit!

There were some beautiful pies. Like these..

the one on the left with the berry rings – won!

Here’s my mama voting…

We did not win , but our pie did get devoured, and we met some amazing bakers.

                         the start 
t                                         the end 

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