West Stockbridge

Some mornings instead of baking, I should meditate .

Like this morning , a disaster of a Gluten Free Banana Bread (yup , no wheat in this kitchen!)
Lessons learned; 1.read measurements fully 2. do not rush 3. don’t try bake overlycaffeinated , it’s not pretty.4. did I say, do not rush? don’t rush.

I  am crashing at Chantal and Dan’s house for a few weeks . Chantal and Dan own a dance/yoga studio in the Berkshires and their house is a sweet little haven in this hidden spot I forget sometimes is here : West Stockbridge.

We have had a few “EXPERIMENTS in the Leven’s kitchen so far….” none have been marvelous enough to hand over the recipe. I want to only give you the best , because I love you like that.

.. A few nights ago we wanted to make a strawberry moose pie. It contained gelatin, WHICH I happened to have in my car. (I know. don’t ask .) Do you know what gelatin contains?! DON’T google it , unless you want to never use it again, ever !

I threw out the gelatin and instead we made cookies that don’t really count as baking, because came out of a BAG. I call that a quick fix crash, hardly happened . but, it still get’s a photo. Chantal doesn’t like to use spoons she say’s hands work better.

I’d have to agree…


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